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Pizzicato is a lightweight email marketing tool designed to work with the Advantage database.



Pizzicato consists of the following main areas:


HTML View, which is where you'll edit the HTML for the email you want to send.


Preview, which shows you a preview of the email.


SQL View, which is where you can edit the T-SQL necessary to generate the list of people to send to.


Mail Configuration, which is where you'll specify the information for your mail server, as well as settings for test emails.


Pizzicato can work on a regular schedule or a user can manually send emails. In either case, you'll have a version of the Pizzicato software setup in its own Windows folder for each distinct email you want to send. For example, if you wish to send an email to new wedding customers and a different one to new quinceanera customers, you might have a folder called "Pizzicato-New Weddings" and one called "Pizzicato-New Quinceaneras." Each folder would have a copy of Pizzicato that has been customized to the appropriate customer segment.

At the time that you wish to send the email, Pizzicato queries your database to generate the list of people to email (called a "result set"). It then works its way through the list of records and sends them off to your mail server for delivery.